Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy

When I test the waters to see about bringing arts processes into therapy, most people say, “but I’m not an artist!” Understandably, many of us have art-related wounds, insecurities, or even just expectations about how things “should” look.

Art, in therapy, is different than the art you see in magazines or museums, because its main purpose is channeling expression and exploration. Art within the context of therapy is about experiencing yourself, your ideas, your hopes, dreams and yes, even your fears in a way that gives them form and substance. Art can transform thoughts, in real time, into something less amorphous and more tangible so that you can literally create the life you crave.

“But it’s not real, it’s just pictures.”

And thoughts are just ideas floating in our heads, sometimes to the detriment of our health, sleep, relationships, and general well-being. By interacting with our thoughts through drawing, movement, sculpture, drama and music we change them, and we change our experience of them.

“Isn’t this for kids?”

Yes, and adults too! One of the wonderful parts about EXAT (Expressive Arts Therapy) is that we are given permission to play. For children, this is easy. For adults, it can be much harder, but all the more necessary. When is the last time you got to play, just because?

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